Surrender Of A Highlander- Cover ArtFollowing the success of her first series, the “Keeper Saga,” author T.L. Kitchens has begun a new chapter in her stories with the “MacLachlan Clan” series, a collection of long historical romance stories that take place in the Scottish Highlands in 1305.

The first book in this new series, “Surrender of a Highlander,” is set to publish Monday, Oct. 24.

From the book copy:

Sandra was born The MacEwen Charm, destined to bring the warring with clan MacLachlan to an end with her marriage. Only one clan’s name would survive and she knew it was within her power to make it a peaceful ending for all concerned. Never in her life did she question her part in giving herself over to the chosen MacLachlan chieftain…until she met him.

Lex MacLachlan was the rightful heir of Clan MacLachlan but he wanted no part of the remains of his shabby clan in the Highlands any longer. He had survived as a child exiled and alone in London by any means necessary, and now he was returning as a man to claim the land-rights of both clans offered to him by the English King. All he had to do was turn over the MacEwen chieftain to the Crown, the most hated enemy who had caused his exile in the first place. This mission was easy and one he would have done for free…until he met her.

One desire for peace, one desire for revenge. The two clans were destined to continue their warring if not for the assistance of their fallen kin. A marriage between a MacEwen and a MacLachlan to end the battles had been tried before, but it had been cut short before the vows had barely been spoken. Can the ghosts of the past change these two hearts, or will their battle be the last for both clans?

T.L. Kitchens was born and raised in Santa Rosa, and now lives in Kona, Hawaii with her husband. This is her fourth novel. She writes books for women who love men. Find out more at


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