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Blended family mom to three teens, author of a bunch of books, and owner of the kind of dog only a mom would love. Visit her author website at crissilangwell.com.

Sonoma County’s favorite books of 2016

Copperfield's Books shared which books readers couldn't read fast enough this year. Which ones have you read?

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Petaluma author shares recovery journey in new memoir

In Beyond Recovery, Shawn Langwell has written a revealing memoir that details his tragic childhood, struggle with addiction, and his uphill journey through recovery.

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Rebellion, tragedy rule in ‘Resilient Ruin’, a coming of age memoir

Sonoma County author, Laura McHale Holland, has a story to tell — her own.

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Spreckels Theatre Company tackles ‘Peter Pan’ prequel

When I found out that Spreckels Performing Arts Center was taking on "Peter and the Starcatcher," a screenplay based on the similarly-titled book by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, I put on my Neverland t-shirt and headed to the theater.

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Ransom Stephens explains why “The Left Brain Speaks, the Right Brain Laughs”

The latest release by author Ransom Stephens tackles gray matter, and why we think the way we do.

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Writing the Intimate Character

Jordan Rosenfeld presents her new book, "Writing the Intimate Character," with a writing workshop at Copperfield's in Petaluma.

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Happy National Novel Writing Month! Here are 11 tips to write your own novel

Celebrate National Novel Writing Month by writing your own novel in 30 days. Here are 11 tips on how you can make that happen.

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Historical Romance author from Santa Rosa debuts ‘MacLachlan Clan’ series

Following the success of her first series, the “Keeper Saga,” author T.L. Kitchens has begun a new chapter in her stories with the "MacLachlan Clan" series, a collection of long historical romance stories that take place in the Scottish Highlands in 1305. The first book in this new series, “Surrender [...]

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Heal from the election with a west county book faire

Following the November election, it will be tempting to hide away and lick your post-election wounds. However, healing can be found by getting out and being among friends, and what better way than at a gathering of local authors and readers? On Thursday, Nov. 10, from 6-9 p.m., the first [...]

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Santa Rosa author debuts a dark comedy about the apocalypse

Gary Brandt with his novel, “The Vault Apocalyptia.” (Photo: facebook.com/NorthBayBohemian) In his debut novel, “The Vault Apocalyptia,” Santa Rosa author Gary Brandt presents a satire of the atomic age with Brandt’s take on America’s race to build the bomb. Set in New Mexico, the dark comedic novel imagines [...]

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