Delve into Damnation in this Bay Area writer’s paranormal western

Let me start with this: Damnation is one awful place. Imagine being stuck within a few square blocks of dilapidated buildings, an apocalyptic scene all around you. All around you is dust and more dust, stuck in the wildest west. Walk down the road to leave, and you end up [...]

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10 classic stories to get you in the spooky spirit (and to use as decor)

As soon as I see leaves changing color, I begin to crave a certain type of novel. You know — the ones that match the aura of the gray, foggy mornings and delve into darker themes. When I was a poor college student, I often ended up digging out my [...]

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5 ways to organize your bookshelf

  For book lovers, your bookshelf is a sacred space — it's where these treasured possessions rest when we're not using them to visit another world for a while. But if your books are randomly placed, not only can they be difficult to find, but it may not be as [...]

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‘Kinetic Kompendium’: A Sonoma County artist’s colorful chronology

Imagine a giant, colorful monster rolling toward you in the middle of the street. Don’t freak out -- it’s just a work of art. More specifically, it’s Kinetic Sculpture Racing. And next to the monster? A dozen or more equally colorful creations, all racing to win. And you can see [...]

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“Not Quite Happily Ever After” a story set in Sonoma County

Sonoma County author Heidi Freestone has published her second novel, “Not Quite Happily Ever After,” a story set in Sonoma County that tells what happens after the fairytale ending.

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‘The Secret Life of Mrs. London’ revealed

Read the fascinating story of Jack London's second wife, Charmian, and the secrets she kept, in Sonoma author Rebecca Rosenberg's debut novel.

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Sonoma Valley Authors’ Festival coming in May

Some of the book world’s biggest names are coming to the Sonoma Valley this May in a 3-day event at Jack London State Historic Park.

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10 inspiring books to make a change in 2018

It doesn't matter if you make resolutions or not, most of us look at the New Year as a time to change habits, make things new, start over, and hope for a better year. As a book lover, I can't think of a better way to incorporate these changes than [...]

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7 ways to meet your ambitious 2018 reading goals

Is reading more books one of your New Year's goals? Here are 7 easy ways to make this happen.

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23 Sonoma County authors you should know

If you’re looking to support a local author and find your next great read, you’ll definitely want to add these books to your holiday list.

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