Sonoma County author, Laura McHale Holland, has a story to tell — her own. Five years after presenting her award-winning memoir, Reversible Skirt, Holland continues to reveal pieces from her tragic childhood in Resilient Ruin, a memoir that published on Nov. 1.

In this latest memoir, Holland shares what it’s like to be a teenager, still recovering from her mother’s suicide when she was only a child. Now at 14, Holland and her sisters live in an abusive household, enduring violent tirades and imprisoning restrictions. Unable to tolerate the hostility of her upbringing, Holland embarks on a rebellious path, flirting with substance abuse and risky sexual behavior that lead to depression and years of heartbreaking consequences.

Taking place in the 60s and 70s, Laura McHale Holland offers a coming of age story, and an authentic and intimate look into a rocky, inspiring journey. To learn more about Resilient Ruin, visit

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