Making her debut as a novelist, author Audrey Greathouse is coming to Barnes and Noble in Santa Rosa on July 20 at 6 p.m. as part of her book tour for “The Neverland Wars.”

“My family is from Santa Rosa and I always loved visiting them, but only as I’ve gotten older have I realized how beautiful Santa Rosa is itself. I couldn’t have picked a better place to celebrate ‘The Neverland Wars,’” the 23-year-old author said.

This first novel by Greathouse follows Gwen Hoffman, whose young sister is abducted by Peter Pan. In her attempt to rescue her sister, Gwen becomes stranded in Neverland as a teenager. Even worse, the threat of war comes from adults who want to invade and harvest Neverland’s magical resources for practical purposes—like solving the budget crisis—and Gwen will be forced to choose sides in this conflict.

What makes this story different from other Neverland tales is that its a modern coming of age fantasy, bringing Peter Pan out from the past and into the land of today. Because the response from “The Neverland Wars” has been so positive, Greathouse is continuing the story as a trilogy.

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