“I delivered twenty babies in the summer of 1977. I was hardly more than a baby myself, just turned twenty-four, and starting my third year of medical,” writes Santa Rosa physician Mark Sloan. Now, over 30 years later and after attending nearly 3000 births, the Kaiser Permanente doctor explores the science, culture, and history of childbirth in his new book, Child Birth: A Pediatrician Explores the Science, the History, and the Wonder of Childbirth (Ballantine Books, $25).

Entertaining and instructive, Sloan expertly tours the newborn body, discusses what’s good and what’s not so good about looking like your dad, the origins of the cesarean section, the modern rise of the epidural monoculture, and much more. Part memoir, Sloan also includes his take on the emotional evolution of a man (including his own development).

You can meet Mark Sloan and possibly find out why gorillas have it so darned easy when it comes to childbirth this evening, April 3, 7 p.m. at Copperfield’s Books in Santa Rosa’s Montgomery Village. More information here.