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Historical Romance author from Santa Rosa debuts ‘MacLachlan Clan’ series

Following the success of her first series, the “Keeper Saga,” author T.L. Kitchens has begun a new chapter in her stories with the "MacLachlan Clan" series, a collection of long historical romance stories that take place in the Scottish Highlands in 1305. The first book in this new series, “Surrender [...]

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Heal from the election with a west county book faire

Following the November election, it will be tempting to hide away and lick your post-election wounds. However, healing can be found by getting out and being among friends, and what better way than at a gathering of local authors and readers? On Thursday, Nov. 10, from 6-9 p.m., the first [...]

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Santa Rosa author debuts a dark comedy about the apocalypse

Gary Brandt with his novel, “The Vault Apocalyptia.” (Photo: facebook.com/NorthBayBohemian) In his debut novel, “The Vault Apocalyptia,” Santa Rosa author Gary Brandt presents a satire of the atomic age with Brandt’s take on America’s race to build the bomb. Set in New Mexico, the dark comedic novel imagines [...]

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Santa Rosa author shares mindset behind Aikido in new book

In “Aikido: An Everyday Approach to the Martial Art that can Transform Your Life & the World,” Sonoma County author Paul Frederick Rest shares about everyday living.

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How to prep for National Novel Writing Month

Every November, hundreds of thousands of writers commit to a month of solitude for a national (even worldwide) phenomenon known as National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo. Here are 3 tips on how you can successfully take part.

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Book review: ‘The Beauty in Darkness: A Vampire Story,’ by Leah Reise

The story of a Sonoma County native who is cast into the underground world of San Francisco where the creatures of the night walk below the feet of the living.

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Book review: ‘The Lazarus Kid,’ by Tim Farrington

The follow-up to his first two 'Monk' books, 'The Lazarus Kid' does not disappoint.

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10 fairy tale retellings you’ve never read (but should)

Fairy tale retellings are nothing new. Marissa Meyer made it big with The Lunar Chronicles, a series of books that started with Cinder (for Cinderella), then Scarlett (for Red Riding Hood), and so on. Then there's Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry. These are books that many fans of fairy tale retellings know. Here are 10 fairy tale retellings you've probably never read, but should.

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Petaluma Poetry Walk 2016

In its 21st year, local poets share their work at various stops around Petaluma on Sunday, Sept. 18 starting at 11 a.m. The free event shines a spotlight on the literary talent of more than 20 poets, with events at Copperfield’s, Aqus Cafe, Phoenix Theatre and more.

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Book review: ‘The Sea of Tranquility,’ by Katja Millay

I’m not exactly crushing on The Sea of Tranquility, a novel by Katja Millay. However, I did enjoy reading it enough that I finished it in just a few days. And it’s a long book.

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