On Sunday, April 3, Robert Digitale, a staff writer for the Press Democrat, will be at Copperfield’s Books in Santa Rosa’s Montgomery Village from 1:30-3:30 p.m. to sign copies of his new fantasy novel, “Blaze & Skyfire.

A followup to Digtale’s debut novel, “Horse Stalker,” the saga continues in Book 2 of The Root of Glory series with Blaze, son of Horse Stalker.

From Amazon:

Blaze has come to take up the lost Root of Glory, and with it lead his desert kinsmen to a new home in the Green Lands. Long ago their ancestors stole the awesome Root and by its light were pierced with a deep longing that has been passed to each new generation.

The mortals need a champion. But Blaze is a healer, not a fighter, a man of royal lineage who refuses to shed blood and who falls ill while tending the wounded. The fierce, ageless rebels who oppose Blaze believe he’s too weak to withstand a blow from the Root, if only they can find it first.

Opposed by rebels and kinsmen alike, Blaze gathers his followers from among the Seven Clans. And his mother, the Great King’s daughter Healdin, makes ready a fiery sacrifice on behalf of her son and the ones he loves. 

Copperfield’s Books is located at 775 Village Court in Santa Rosa.

Find out more about Robert Digitale and this exciting series at www.horsestalker.com.