Samantha “Izzy” Rose, Emmy Award-winning writer and television producer, blogger, author (and the daughter of former Press Democrat columnist Susan Swartz), plans to read in Sonoma County from her new book in early May. Rose’s latest, The Package Deal: My (Not So) Glamorous Transition from Single Gal to Instant Mom, explores her adventure as a new stepmother. Recently, I got a chance to catch up Rose and ask her about The Package Deal and its inspiration, her popular blog, Stepmother’s Milk.

SP: What gave you the idea to start a blog for stepmothers?

Izzy: When I first became a stepmom, I went looking for a support group in
Austin–like a Stepmothers Anonymous or a rebel army. When I couldn’t find
anything with the right attitude offline or on, I decided to start my own.

In June of 2007, I launched, an online community that I
hoped would connect me to other stepmoms who, like me, were searching for
camaraderie, support and advice. The site took off and within months,
stepmothers from all over the country were asking me for help. I remember
thinking…Hold on, ladies I’m no expert. I’m just living it day to day.

SP: What the heck is stepmother’s milk? Milk with a little vanilla added, perhaps?

Izzy: Stepmother’s Milk began as a Ramos Fizz and evolved into a metaphor for how
we steps nurture and care for each other in tough and trying times.
I have posted the entire explanation and backstory here:

SP: You’re one of the lucky few whose blog has fueled the publication of a
book. How did that happen? And would you advise others to start a blog before they start writing a book?

I feel very fortunate that the woman who became my agent stumbled across my
blog one day and recognized a combination of elements–a strong social
trend. (I represent a new generation of women coming to terms with the
package deal. In today’s world, Mr. Right often comes with kids and an
ex-wife). Two, I have a unique perspective and a distinctive voice and
three, I’d created a strong brand. This seemed to be the winning combination
to catch the attention of the publishing world.

Samantha “Izzy” Rose will appear a Copperfield’s Books in Santa Rosa, May 6, 7 p.m. And yes, her mom will introduce daughter, and grill the new stepmother/blogger/author with questions.