Copperfield’s Books sends along a list of their top selling titles. I’m not sure what can be deduced by this somewhat awkward collection of titles. And I’m definitely looking forward to reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s new title “Unaccustomed Earth.” It looks like Amy Goodman’s recent appearance in Sonoma County helped
boost local sales of her very thoughtful and astute book, “Standing Up
to the Madness.”

Bestsellers from Copperfield’s Books
April 13 through 19

Standing Up to the Madness (NF)
Unaccustomed Earth (F)
New Moon (F)
Girl of His Dreams (F)
Twilight (F)
Elegance of the Hedgehog (F)
Shack (F)
Girls in Trucks (F)
Comfort Food (F)
Bonk (NF)